The Act of Killing

Cinema has traditionally been dominated by films about good versus evil, the good fighting against the bad. However, the good and the bad only exist in stories. In reality, every evil act in history has been committed by human beings like ourselves.

Genre Sub Genre

Genre Sub Genre is a short film consisting of four episodes documenting the predictions of a land in the Southeast of Indonesia. An experimental video work, it was included in the movie and photography project hosted by the Nusa Tenggara Timur Museum of Indonesia.

Dinh Q. L?

In Barricade, Dinh Q. L? reflects on the legacy of the Vietnamese and Algerian peoples’ struggle against French colonialism. These revolutions have universal significance: across the continents of Asia to Africa, the same liberating wave to free the colonized “natives” of racial and cultural confinement was ushered in.

Unknown (Yojiyundo)

Immortals’ Feast on Yoji Pond is known to have been created during the Yuan dynasty. It gained popularity during the Ming dynasty. In Korea, it first appeared in court painting during the Joseon Dynasty and was used as a background image for folding screens during the late Joseon period.

Bae Young-whan

In Inwang Mountain, Seoul, the sacred and the secular live together. The past and present coexist. Both ideas and reality stay together while soldiers, shamans, hikers and Buddhist monks get along with one another. Even political conspiracies and religions have left their marks there.