Ho Sin Tung

Each of these 28 films belongs to different categories including Masterpiss, Classic Restoriette, The Advance Guard, Mocumentary, Czech Republic Goes Public etc. Within these categories, Ho tries to challenge classic authority and present the power of association in order to discuss the phenomenon of the Film Festival and to reflect on her own mentality.

Jawshing Arthur Liou

Kora is deliberately shot and edited from a first person perspective, placing the viewer on the path of a pilgrim. The thin air of the dizzying altitude is made palpable through the hand-held camera technique. Only that which is closest in view has defined edges; the mountain remains a mirage receding into the heavens.

Thousand Years Old Fox

Director Shin Sang-ok, who made some of the best commercial films in the 1960s, delivers the topics of never-ending stories such as the dynamics of a ruler and subjects, and power and sex through the sentiments of a horror movie.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Project

This film-within-a-film aspect and the theatricality of the piece along with the adoption of a pop-culture framework allude to the theatrical nature of the courtroom as it is presented in the media and popular culture.

Joanna Lombard

The work of Swedish artist Joanna Lombard plays with the imaginary border between collective and individual imagination. With childhood memories as a point of departure for her work, Lombard’s oeuvre floats in-between a world of psychological repression, psychoanalytical liberation and cinematographic catharsis.