Special investigation headquarter A life of Miss Kim Su-Im

Kim Su-Im was working for the US Army Military Government in Korea in the 1940s. She was arrested while giving information to the Workers Party of South Korea as the mistress of an American colonel Baird. The film consists of Su-Im’s recollection of the past.

Cutaways of Jiang Chun Gen ? Forward and Back Again

This documentary short is a portrait of an elderly Chinese farmer who was infected by Japanese biological warfare (glanders) in […]


Upon the site lie fifty human beings oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death. Each of them emerges into the foreground clutching a fist, batting an eyelid, or weeping for his neighbor.

Moranbong, une aventure cor?enne

At the beginning of the Korean war, the love story between a young worker and the daughter of a musician unfolds in the city of Kaesong. Moranbong, une aventure cor?enne is intriguing and extraordinary as much for its form as its background of production. It was a film that was almost made by accident.

Otty Widasari

Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah (Green Mountain, Heaven Mountain) is a visual poem about (Muslim) women who in several places?geopolitically?cannot, may not, or do not want to walk alone. There must be men to accompany women either as guardians or her companions. But as a human, sometimes women also want and must and able to walk alone, if only to cleanse herself or feel the heavenly pleasure that exists in the world.