Mikhail Karikis

In Children of Unquiet, Karikis collaborated with the children of the remaining families living in the area around the geothermal power plant to create a film that orchestrates a children’s “take-over” of a deserted workers’ village and its adjacent industrial and natural locations.

731: Two Versions of Hell

731: Two Versions of Hell is both a documentary about Japan’s World War II biological weapons facility called Unit 731 and a demonstration of the power of historical revisionism. What constitutes historical truth and the ability of documentary film to represent it?

Pilar Mata Dupont

Mata Dupont has animated those monuments to play with utopian ideas of reunification, and the significance of the “embrace” as representation of the reunification in the South Korean national psyche.

siren eun young jung

Le Nouveau Monde Amoureux depends on the unique aesthetics of tradition and performativity in pansori, a genre of traditional music in Korea. The work as a performance appropriates the content and form of Chunhyang-ga, the most well-known piece of pansori among the five songs left today. However, it reveals that the development of the typical romantic narrative is embedded with a constant struggle against the class consciousness of the period.


The film pays homage to sci-fi film techniques in the 1960s and 1970s when filmmakers experimented with “Organic Effects” to depict life in space as well as American experimental filmmakers who explored film media as a conceptual art form.