Choi Sunghun + Park Sunmin

Electric cords create a unique impressive landscape of Korea. Most electric cords are entangled in a surprisingly complex way.We often witness magpies or sparrows perching on the lines. Considering the strong electric power flowing inside the line cover, the idyllic scene of the birds would soon turn into a risky play prior to an impending dangerous disaster.


The “Pea” refers to the spirits living in the forest of Thailand. The spirit Pea sleeping among the trees is not visible to the human adult. In this film, which was shot in the village of Surin in northeastern Thailand, a boy from the village was painted black on his whole body and walked among the adults.

Special investigation headquarter A life of Miss Kim Su-Im

Kim Su-Im was working for the US Army Military Government in Korea in the 1940s. She was arrested while giving information to the Workers Party of South Korea as the mistress of an American colonel Baird. The film consists of Su-Im’s recollection of the past.

Mahardika Yudha

The video Sunrise Jive is considered to be important as it presents well issues connected to the socio-political history of Indonesia. The music in the Sunrise Jive is a memory of the times when military ruled.

Kim In-whoe

Until the late 1960s, records of Korean shamanism were limited to materials by Japanese folklorists in the 1920s and 1930s and a small number of scholars in Korean Studies. A young educationalist in those days, Kim In-whoe felt the Western educational paradigm was limitedly applied to Korean society and became interested in Koreans’ traditional religious beliefs, or shamanism.