Searching for Dead Dogs

My grandmother’s home has a mystery. Whenever my grandmother takes care of a dog, it dies. This project explores essayistic personal documentary film as an artful and moving humanly rich form, following the track of grandmother’s life story.


The passage of time does not heal all wounds; it cannot settle all accounts or resolve all disputes. But the identities of the perceived perpetrators can change, and a national apology is to document and put on record a symbolic act as a prelude to possible reconciliation and forgiveness.

Choi Gene-uk

Around the time of the Inter-Korean Summit, the kinds of ‘art’ presented to the South Korean public were benign travel sketches by a few painters. The painters depicted the people or landscape of North Korea as “peaceful scenery of a foreign country” as if they were camels along the Silk Route. But there is something “impure” in the paintings, different from other ideologically “pure” paintings produced by other artists around the time.

Unknown (Honchunjeondo, Replica)

The Complete Map of the Celestial Sphere (Hon-cheon-jeon-do) is a revised version of a traditional oriental planisphere affected by and combined with the Western astronomical knowledge imported to Joseon Dynasty around the 18th century Korea, which included 33 constellations and 121 stars found only in the Southern Hemisphere.

Habitual Sadness 2

They are no different from the elderly women we see everyday. However, they are all marked by pain and sorrow from their shared history of being “comfort women” during World War II. They became subject to prejudice in their own homeland after their return to Korea.