Jawshing Arthur Liou

Kora is deliberately shot and edited from a first person perspective, placing the viewer on the path of a pilgrim. The thin air of the dizzying altitude is made palpable through the hand-held camera technique. Only that which is closest in view has defined edges; the mountain remains a mirage receding into the heavens.

Hold your breath for four minutes ? The Cemetery

Sangpae-dong Public Cemetery has served as a burial site for more than 5,000 unidentified deceased since the colonial era. These “unidentified” deceased belong to many different kinds of minority groups that have drifted in and vanished out by the political shifts in the history of Dongducheon.

Rho Jae Oon

As I see it, “wand” is a symbol that represents the phenomenon called special effects. Through Wands, I ironically imagine a different kind of special effect within a space time where visible special effects have vanished.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Project

This film-within-a-film aspect and the theatricality of the piece along with the adoption of a pop-culture framework allude to the theatrical nature of the courtroom as it is presented in the media and popular culture.

Haegue Yang

Through this ‘dance’ of bells, Yang’s work allusively suggests the topic of sound as the beginning force that opens up the world (as it is told in many ancient myths). Such an interest in this ‘cosmology’ also manifests as a representation of ‘orbit’ in Yang’s works. The arrangement of works gives an impression that they could move along the trajectory drawn by the vinyl tape on the floor.