The Man with Three Coffins

One day in December, a man takes out from the closet, the remains of his wife who died three years ago. He goes on a trip to spread the remains and reaches a town called Mulchi on the east coast. Because he cannot go to his wife’s hometown in North Korea, he tries to spread the remains on the seashore but a security guard drives him out.

Rainy Season

The film deals with shamanism and the barbarous time of Korean history?struggles and suppression of armed guerrillas, massacres of civilians due to mutual revenges, and the division of the Korean peninsula along with extreme ideological conflicts?and pursues true reconciliation between people.

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani

The screening triggered an identification-process of the fugitives with the protagonist of Kurosawa’s movie, as they recognized their similar desperate situation. It was followed by an experimental setup of cinematic improvisations with refugees and actors, focusing on the exploration of fears and uncertainties surrounding the nuclear catastrophe and ongoing threat of radiation.

Scenes of Between

A father told an anecdote to his son. The story is a kind of absurd folktale that is hard to believe as historical fact. The documentary is about the narrative based on “facts” that have been passed on orally.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Project

This film-within-a-film aspect and the theatricality of the piece along with the adoption of a pop-culture framework allude to the theatrical nature of the courtroom as it is presented in the media and popular culture.