Haunted Houses

All sixty six villagers from six villages participated, playing roles. The story was continuous but the actors who played the characters were constantly changed as the filming location moved from one village to another.

Unknown (Yojiyundo)

Immortals’ Feast on Yoji Pond is known to have been created during the Yuan dynasty. It gained popularity during the Ming dynasty. In Korea, it first appeared in court painting during the Joseon Dynasty and was used as a background image for folding screens during the late Joseon period.

Nilbar G?re?

G?re?’s work focuses on the gap between the current picture, controlled by the state, and the direction of global changes. The mobile phone industry as a global force introduced mobility in access to communication. The three screen video installation Open Phone Booth (2010-2011) is about this tragicomic reality.

The Missing Picture

Today I know that this image must be missing. I was not really looking for it; would it not be obscene and insignificant? So I created it. What I give you today is neither the picture nor the search for a unique image, but the picture of a quest: the quest that cinema allows.

Hold your breath for four minutes ? The Cemetery

Sangpae-dong Public Cemetery has served as a burial site for more than 5,000 unidentified deceased since the colonial era. These “unidentified” deceased belong to many different kinds of minority groups that have drifted in and vanished out by the political shifts in the history of Dongducheon.