Sean Snyder

Exhibition is a video about art, its reception and the discourse it generates as well as the work involved in the production of exhibitions. Exhibition reflects the rituals and conventions of the social dimension of art and the failure of educational projects based on assumptions of the universal aesthetic experience.

Pictures at an Exhibition

The old lady selling flowers on the street let their children in her hometown. They came this much later on / The number one national treasure also burned up this much but came back / She said she could not get back to the hometown.

731: Two Versions of Hell

731: Two Versions of Hell is both a documentary about Japan’s World War II biological weapons facility called Unit 731 and a demonstration of the power of historical revisionism. What constitutes historical truth and the ability of documentary film to represent it?

Nilbar G?re?

G?re?’s work focuses on the gap between the current picture, controlled by the state, and the direction of global changes. The mobile phone industry as a global force introduced mobility in access to communication. The three screen video installation Open Phone Booth (2010-2011) is about this tragicomic reality.

Otty Widasari

Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah (Green Mountain, Heaven Mountain) is a visual poem about (Muslim) women who in several places?geopolitically?cannot, may not, or do not want to walk alone. There must be men to accompany women either as guardians or her companions. But as a human, sometimes women also want and must and able to walk alone, if only to cleanse herself or feel the heavenly pleasure that exists in the world.