The film pays homage to sci-fi film techniques in the 1960s and 1970s when filmmakers experimented with “Organic Effects” to depict life in space as well as American experimental filmmakers who explored film media as a conceptual art form.

Shakespeare Must Die

A dictator sits alone in his dark mansion, grieving for his mad, dead wife, as a mass uprising rages against him. Elsewhere in a theatre, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is being staged; its scenes intercut with his flashbacks to tell the story of an ambitious general who, prompted by witches, kills the king to crown himself.

Otty Widasari

Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah (Green Mountain, Heaven Mountain) is a visual poem about (Muslim) women who in several places?geopolitically?cannot, may not, or do not want to walk alone. There must be men to accompany women either as guardians or her companions. But as a human, sometimes women also want and must and able to walk alone, if only to cleanse herself or feel the heavenly pleasure that exists in the world.

Dinh Q. L?

In Barricade, Dinh Q. L? reflects on the legacy of the Vietnamese and Algerian peoples’ struggle against French colonialism. These revolutions have universal significance: across the continents of Asia to Africa, the same liberating wave to free the colonized “natives” of racial and cultural confinement was ushered in.

YAO Jui-chung

The centenary of Hsinhai Revolution has passed; the Cold War has long ended, neoliberalism has conquered the world, and the logic of global capitalism has become a universal currency. But what is the transcendental rule of history? Could there be an everlasting dynasty of Nationalism?