Ieoh Island

This film is a bizarre piece by director Kim Ki-young who freely interpreted the novelist Yi Cheong-jun’s original story. Adopting the frame of a mystery drama and crossing over different time periods, Kim combines shamanism, the salvation of human beings, and even ecology in the film.

Mahardika Yudha

The video Sunrise Jive is considered to be important as it presents well issues connected to the socio-political history of Indonesia. The music in the Sunrise Jive is a memory of the times when military ruled.

Scenes of Between

A father told an anecdote to his son. The story is a kind of absurd folktale that is hard to believe as historical fact. The documentary is about the narrative based on “facts” that have been passed on orally.

Hold your breath for four minutes ? The Cemetery

Sangpae-dong Public Cemetery has served as a burial site for more than 5,000 unidentified deceased since the colonial era. These “unidentified” deceased belong to many different kinds of minority groups that have drifted in and vanished out by the political shifts in the history of Dongducheon.

Utama: Every Name in History is I

A genre-blending mixture of fiction, documentary, filmic tableaus, philosophical meditation, political allegory, mythical fantasy, costume parade, dramatic enactments and film essay, this film sets into motion an inquiry into a subterranean network of issues related to myths, history, origins and power.