Genre Sub Genre

Genre Sub Genre is a short film consisting of four episodes documenting the predictions of a land in the Southeast of Indonesia. An experimental video work, it was included in the movie and photography project hosted by the Nusa Tenggara Timur Museum of Indonesia.

Mae Nak

Mae Nak is a deconstruction of the one of Thailand’s most popular ghost story “Mae Nak Phra Khanong” as well as the most popular genre of ghost films (more than twenty versions exist). The story is about the jealous spirit of a woman who died in childbirth while her husband was away in the battlefield.

Dinh Q. L?

In Barricade, Dinh Q. L? reflects on the legacy of the Vietnamese and Algerian peoples’ struggle against French colonialism. These revolutions have universal significance: across the continents of Asia to Africa, the same liberating wave to free the colonized “natives” of racial and cultural confinement was ushered in.

Scenes of Between

A father told an anecdote to his son. The story is a kind of absurd folktale that is hard to believe as historical fact. The documentary is about the narrative based on “facts” that have been passed on orally.

The Propeller Group

The camera is positioned directly in front of the targets inside the shooting area, situated face to face with tourists as they enter, pay, shoot, giggle, laugh, and react to their own acts of “firing.” The camera was placed behind bulletproof glass and pulled on a track, scanning the shooting booths as it glided nonchalantly back and forth.