The Act of Killing

Cinema has traditionally been dominated by films about good versus evil, the good fighting against the bad. However, the good and the bad only exist in stories. In reality, every evil act in history has been committed by human beings like ourselves.

Basim Magdy

Starting with shiny rooftops and ending with the seemingly insignificant demise of the last circus elephant of its kind, The Dent weaves loosely linked events and irrational occurrences to reflect on collective failure and hopefulness. An anonymous little town struggles for international recognition as it becomes obvious that failure is a monster too big to slaughter.

Mahardika Yudha

The video Sunrise Jive is considered to be important as it presents well issues connected to the socio-political history of Indonesia. The music in the Sunrise Jive is a memory of the times when military ruled.


Somewhere along the border of Thailand and Myanmar lives a creature called Nok Phii (Ghost Bird) or there used to. Nok Phii feeds on other animals’ blood and even attacks human beings.

The Propeller Group

The camera is positioned directly in front of the targets inside the shooting area, situated face to face with tourists as they enter, pay, shoot, giggle, laugh, and react to their own acts of “firing.” The camera was placed behind bulletproof glass and pulled on a track, scanning the shooting booths as it glided nonchalantly back and forth.