Trip to the Wound

This is one of a series of compilations: seven short fiction films and three short documentaries. It is directed by ten filmmakers, visual artists and musicians to honor the tenth anniversary of the Indonesian Reform era.

Legend of Miryang

I live in Miryang, the town of sunlight. I settled here ten years ago because it was getting harder for me to live with all of the farm work and, with its clean air and water, this was a perfect place to take a rest. However, my life nowadays has become so sad and bitter. Transmission towers, called 765 something, are said to be built in the neighborhood, and it is making so much trouble.

Jawshing Arthur Liou

Kora is deliberately shot and edited from a first person perspective, placing the viewer on the path of a pilgrim. The thin air of the dizzying altitude is made palpable through the hand-held camera technique. Only that which is closest in view has defined edges; the mountain remains a mirage receding into the heavens.

Joanna Lombard

The work of Swedish artist Joanna Lombard plays with the imaginary border between collective and individual imagination. With childhood memories as a point of departure for her work, Lombard’s oeuvre floats in-between a world of psychological repression, psychoanalytical liberation and cinematographic catharsis.

Memories of Over-Development

Filming started in the early 1980s and it took the director over thirty years to complete the film. Director Kidlat plays the role of Magellan’s slave Enrique, who was with Magellan when the Philippines was first discovered.