Scenes of Between

A father told an anecdote to his son. The story is a kind of absurd folktale that is hard to believe as historical fact. The documentary is about the narrative based on “facts” that have been passed on orally.

The Last Witness

The film was completed right after the Gwangju Uprising in 1980 but this film, which captured the ordeals in the modern history of Korea, became a mess due to censorship. The controversial film was not released to the public until it was restored in 2006.

Otty Widasari

Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah (Green Mountain, Heaven Mountain) is a visual poem about (Muslim) women who in several places?geopolitically?cannot, may not, or do not want to walk alone. There must be men to accompany women either as guardians or her companions. But as a human, sometimes women also want and must and able to walk alone, if only to cleanse herself or feel the heavenly pleasure that exists in the world.

Rainy Season

The film deals with shamanism and the barbarous time of Korean history?struggles and suppression of armed guerrillas, massacres of civilians due to mutual revenges, and the division of the Korean peninsula along with extreme ideological conflicts?and pursues true reconciliation between people.

Tamura Yuichiro

In the title Suzuki Knife, Social Cooking, Suzuki (sea bass) refers to the name of the murderer Suzuki Denzo and the knife indicates the murder weapon or the kitchen knife. Tamura met an old blacksmith who still makes kitchen knives in a traditional way in the very city of Seki and requested him to produce a kitchen knife for cutting and trimming sea bass.