Sean Snyder

Exhibition is a video about art, its reception and the discourse it generates as well as the work involved in the production of exhibitions. Exhibition reflects the rituals and conventions of the social dimension of art and the failure of educational projects based on assumptions of the universal aesthetic experience.

Tour of Duty

There remains only silence in a US military camp town in the northern part of Gyeonggi province that will be torn down any time soon. In the town, three women are still living with pains engraved in their bodies.

Joanna Lombard

The work of Swedish artist Joanna Lombard plays with the imaginary border between collective and individual imagination. With childhood memories as a point of departure for her work, Lombard’s oeuvre floats in-between a world of psychological repression, psychoanalytical liberation and cinematographic catharsis.

Haunted Houses

All sixty six villagers from six villages participated, playing roles. The story was continuous but the actors who played the characters were constantly changed as the filming location moved from one village to another.

Ieoh Island

This film is a bizarre piece by director Kim Ki-young who freely interpreted the novelist Yi Cheong-jun’s original story. Adopting the frame of a mystery drama and crossing over different time periods, Kim combines shamanism, the salvation of human beings, and even ecology in the film.