Utama: Every Name in History is I

A genre-blending mixture of fiction, documentary, filmic tableaus, philosophical meditation, political allegory, mythical fantasy, costume parade, dramatic enactments and film essay, this film sets into motion an inquiry into a subterranean network of issues related to myths, history, origins and power.

Naito Masatoshi

This series was shot from 1968 to 1970. The aged women listen to the words of the dead, their fathers and husbands who died in the war or their sons who were fishermen shipwrecked due to a sudden change of the weather, and the children or grandchildren who died from disease.

10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia

Film director and artist Hafiz selected a collection of works titled ‘10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia,’ a joint project with the OK. Video Festival and an alternative artist group ruangrupa.

Jawshing Arthur Liou

Kora is deliberately shot and edited from a first person perspective, placing the viewer on the path of a pilgrim. The thin air of the dizzying altitude is made palpable through the hand-held camera technique. Only that which is closest in view has defined edges; the mountain remains a mirage receding into the heavens.

Trip to the Wound

This is one of a series of compilations: seven short fiction films and three short documentaries. It is directed by ten filmmakers, visual artists and musicians to honor the tenth anniversary of the Indonesian Reform era.