Taeyoon Choi, Infrastructure poetry, 2016.

History and Contemporariness

08.29, 11:00am — 1:00pm
Meeting Room, Seoul Museum of Art, Office Building 1F (map)
Uncertainty School Seminar 1

Natacha Nisic

Natacha Nisic, based in Malakoff, France. Nisic works on the?videos, photos, and drawings originate from?iconic language,?status of images and relation to the symbolic.?

Natascha Nisic approaches visual cultures from the perspectives of witnesses of the times, and considers them as the source of affirmation or inquiry into the truth. She finds the correlations between images, languages, interpretations, symbols, and magic in religious rituals.?

Natascha Nisic will introduce her practice in presentation and invite participants to a discussion in this seminar. We will delve into the correlation between visual cultures in the past and the present through image archives.

Taeyoon Choi, Infrastructure poetry, 2016.

W SONG, Video still, Courtesy of the artist