One Escape at a Time 하루하루 탈출한다
8 Sept—21 Nov 2021


Established in Seoul in 2016 by curator Kwon Soonwoo and artists Don Sunpil, Kim Donghee, and Park Hyunjung, Tastehouse began as an inquiry into how artistic practice can sustain itself. The name plays on the word chuimi, Korean for both “hobby” and “taste” (as in an aesthetic sensibility), to propose a place where art can occur through discussion, experimentation, and display. Over the years Tastehouse has developed diverse initiatives including productions, exhibitions, and talks, as well as running the Tasteview shop and other sales events. Until 2021, they also maintained an eponymous exhibition space. WORKS, a Seoul-based design studio started by Lee Harim and Lee Yeonjeong in 2012, works across a range of fields, from graphic arts and product design to the visual arts and exhibition making. In 2012, the organizing and launching of the sweet treats event Gwajajun gave this design studio experience in being both client and designer, which in turn honed their insights into the impact of promotional material in public spaces. For the 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale, Tastehouse and WORKS are drawing on their complementary expertise to collaborate as Tastehouse × WORKS.

View of Tasteview, a sales platform for artworks and artist goods, Tastehouse, 2018–19. Courtesy of Tastehouse. Photo: Hong Cheolki.

WORKS (Lee Yeonjeong, Lee Harim), I wish I had a friend like me, 2019, graphic design installation. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Hong Cheolki.