The 10th Seoul Mediacity Biennale

Eu Zên

Period2018. 9. 6. ~ 11. 18.

VanuesSeoul Museum of Art, Seoullo Media Canvas

Directorial CollectiveGibin Hong, Kyung Yong Lim, Jang Un Kim, Nam Soo Kim

Artists69 individuals/teams


The 10th edition of the Biennale focused on the fundamental changes in the modern world wrought by new industrial revolutionary flow, economic inequality, ageism and climate crisis. Combinations of these factors effectively altered our material and mentali lifestyles at their core, begging the question “What is a good life (eu zên)?” Just as Athenians established the “agora” as a gathering place in the city center where individuals could share personal and public stories, Eu Zên invited people from various fields including economic, artistic, environmental, technological and cultural as Biennale’s “participants” to connect, discuss and present their ideas, all while engaging in diverse modes of dialogue, expression and movement related to the “good life.”


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