The 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale

One Escape at a Time

Period2021. 9. 8. ~ 11. 21.

VanuesSeoul Museum of Art, Online and 97 network venues

Artistic DirectorYung Ma

Artists41 individuals/teams


One Escape at a Time is inspired by ideas of escapism, especially in the context of the current popular media landscape which tackles some of the most urgent and human questions today including racism, gender, class, sexuality, identity, migration, gentrification, and violence, among others. Held in the middle of global Covid-19 pandemic, the Biennale experienced escapism which had become all the more symbolic and relevant of the time. Even as the isolation of millions in their own homes brought about a mass appetite for forms of micro-escape, many people have mobilized on the streets to take a stand against racial and social injustices. Behind the norms of media representations and disguises, the Biennale utilized escapism as a critical mechanism for confronting and connecting with the world we live in.

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