SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016


Period2016. 9. 1. ~ 11. 20.

VanuesSeoul Museum of Art, Nam-Seoul Museum of Art, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

Artistic Director/CuratorBeck Jee-sook

Artists62 individuals/teams


NERIRI KIRURU HARARA relay suggestions to the following questions: how to formulate individual and common expectations out of unsought-for inheritances, be it war, disaster, poverty or displacement; how to generate as many versions of futures as possible and imagine plots of radical discontinuity, within the context of South Korea that is marooned in a peninsula-cum-island; and finally, how to enable time-slip into these futures through the language of art and the capabilities of media. The title is derived from a line of the poem “Two Billion Light Years of Solitude” by Tanikawa Shuntarõ, which verbalizes the imaginary language of Martians.

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